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Breakthru is a modern member of the Hnefatafl family of games, where the players have unequal forces and different objectives. One player, commanding a gold fleet consisting of one large flagship and 12 escorts, has the objective of evading capture while aggressively trying to. Breakthru is an abstract strategy board game for two players, designed by Alex Randolph and commercially released by 3M Company in , as part of the 3M . BreakThru (ブレーク スルー, Bureikusurū) is a Data East vehicular combat arcade game that was later made available for the Nintendo Entertainment System and.

Breakthru! is a neat puzzle game that puts a new (but not original) spin on the Tetris concept. This time, clicking on a tile will make it disappear along with. At first look, Break-Thru! isn't too impressive. Begin to play it, though, and the magic of Alexey Pajitnov surfaces. Pajitnov created Tetris, among other classic. 8 May In BreakThru, your goal is to tear down a wall of multi-colored bricks. levels, the variable time limits, and the special “tools” the game allows.

Breakthru, by 3M. Saturday, 7th February One can think of certain board games in terms of generations, each one descended from a number of ancestors, . Breakthru is an abstract strategy game. One player, controlling the "gold fleet" receives 12 "escorts" and 1 "flagship". The other player is the "silver fleet" and. BreakThru! is a puzzle game endorsed by Alexey Pajitnov that plays like a mix of Tetris and SameGame. It was released on a number of consoles during


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