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Dovahzul (Dovah-Zul, "Dragon-Voice"), the Dragon Language or Dragonish,[1] is the language used in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by dragons in shouts, on word walls, in names, etc. Provided by the Skyrim Game Guide and in game dialogue translations by Alduin, Paarthurnax, Odahviing. This tool searches the dragon language dictionary for words and phrases, giving you detailed info on how to translate a sentence. Use this simple tool to translate between Dovahzul, the dragon language of Skyrim, and English.

The dragon language has a rune alphabet with no upper or lower case. There are unique letters for aa, ah, ei, ey, ii, ir, oo, uu, and ur. Apostrophes can be. 11 Apr The ancient Dragon Language is the language used by dragons. Text in the Dragon Language is found on walls in ancient dungeons and on. I have seen your website and absolutely love it.:) I love the idea of a Duolingo Dovahzul course! I'm crossing my fingers hoping it will happen it would be cool, .

Dovahzul, or the Dragon language, is used in The Elder Scrolls video game series and is written with Cuneiform-like script. In relation to the written language, it was inspired by Cuneiform. As for the actual language itself, the person who was in charge of putting the. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a new language has been released; the language of the Dragons. Sometimes referred to as Dragonish, Dragon Tongue.


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